Anasynthesis proceeds with our fourth major project: the reconstruction of the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi. The project has actually been in development since 2017 when professor Elena C. Partida provided the scientific guidance for historical and architectural accuracy and most recently her two articles: 'The religious centre of Delphi' and 'Votive offerings, The 'Pulse of a Panhellenic Sanctuary' have been especially written to launch the Delphi project. Our most recently published article is the 'temple of Apollo'.

Delphi is one of the most visited sanctuaries in Greece and the fame of the Pythia - the priestess of Apollo is rightly considered a cultural phenomenon - open to many controversial interpretations. The reconstruction will propose - based on the current research - the best internal layout of the temple of Apollo and the location of the oracle (Pythia) within the lower internal chamber of the temple.

Delphi was built over an extended period - over 1000 years. We start our reconstruction in the 6th century with the first temple on a raised platform. We expand into the 4th - then 2nd centuries to show how the additional treasuries, dedications and architecture impacted on the existing sanctuary. Also the changing seasons (below: 4th century BCE, winter).